Conflict Resolution with Leigh Chandler, Esq.

Communication tips… from a little bird.

Communication tips… from a little bird. Envelope Linkedin For the past week, I’ve been trying to communicate…. with a bird. His name is Martini, and he’s a cute little Budgie.  He has an intelligent face, a beautiful white tail, and an addiction to millet (parakeet junk food).  I (foolishly) believed we would have no problem […]

Five ways to set yourself up for a strong resolution

Five ways to set yourself up for a strong resolution Envelope Linkedin In the last post we looked at a few reasons why you might find your conversation going backwards as you get closer to resolution, and what to do about it.  In this post, we’ll look at some ways to prevent it from happening […]

What to do when your conversation is going backwards

What to do when your conversation is going backwards Envelope Linkedin Have you ever felt close to an agreement – or at least an understanding – with someone, and then out of nowhere they go back to square one and start rehashing the same old arguments?  It probably feels like you’ve made no progress.  You […]

Taking the Blame

Taking the Blame Envelope Linkedin When someone lashes out at you, the urge to defend yourself can be almost irresistible, but learning when to come to your own defense and when to resist the impulse will make you a much more effective problem solver. You know that blame and accusations rarely help you out of […]

Information is Power

Information is Power Envelope Linkedin Before you go into a negotiation – and everything is a negotiation – think about the information you have, the information you need, and the surprises you might encounter along the way.  The information you have You have some information that you assume everyone else knows.  Challenge that assumption, because […]


Mindset Envelope Linkedin Before going into a challenging situation or conversation, you probably do some planning.  You might imagine the whole argument, and the imagined you might be a great debater, always calm and eloquent and saying the right thing.  Or you might mentally test your options, focusing on how the other person could react […]

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