Conflict Resolution with Leigh Chandler, Esq.

Conflict Coaching for Individuals

Conflict coaching Services

For individuals in high conflict situations

Leigh offers one-on-one conflict coaching sessions to help people who are dealing with an ongoing conflict in their work or personal lives.  If you need help improving your communication skills, learning conflict prevention and resolution techniques, or just navigating your side of a conflict more gracefully, Leigh can help.

Conflict is a fact of life

At some point, everyone faces some amount of conflict in life. And sometimes, that conflict can’t be resolved in a single conversation – we just have to live with it for a while. Whether you are dealing with a difficult workplace that you can’t leave just yet, a competitive work or school environment, a living situation where personalities clash, conflict in an important relationship, or a high conflict life in general, it can take up an incredible amount of space in your life.

Coaching can help make a high conflict situation better

You don’t always have control over your environment or the other people in it, but you do have control over your own actions. Coaching can give you the power to conduct your part of the conflict gracefully and intelligently, with well thought out boundaries and conflict resolution skills.

Conflict coaching will give you:

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