Conflict Resolution with Leigh Chandler, Esq.

Conflict Resolution & Prevention

Mediation Services

For Businesses, organizations, neighbors, and collaborators

Leigh works with business partners, family businesses, neighbors, and other collaborators to resolve conflicts.  Call Leigh when you need a peaceful and productive environment for problem solving, whether the goal is to continue working together, or to end a partnership without damaging relationships.

Conflict steals your time and energy

Whether you are running a company, trying to get a startup off the ground, collaborating on a creative project, or trying to own or manage property with others, conflict robs you of time and energy that could be put toward your real purpose.  Left unresolved, it can mean the end of partnerships, working relationships, and promising organizations and projects. 

Preventing and resolving conflict gives you your resources back

Resolving conflict (or preventing it altogether) gives you your resources back, so you can direct them where they belong.  Whether you want to learn how to work together peacefully and productively, get help with a difficult conversation, or figure out how to amicably part ways, you need a quick, cost-effective process that preserves relationships and produces real solutions.

What can Leigh do to make your business, organization, or collaboration run more smoothly?

And much more – every business, organization, and collaboration is different, and conflict prevention and resolution will be customized to your situation

Who Leigh has helped:

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