Conflict Resolution with Leigh Chandler, Esq.

Leigh Chandler, Esq.

"Resolving the dispute before you close your company, break up the band, or cancel Thanksgiving dinner."

Providing Services to

Businesses, Organizations, & other collaborators

Leigh prevents and resolves conflicts for business partners, family businesses, organizations, teams, and other collaborators, creating a peaceful and productive environment for problem solving whether the goal is to continue working together, or to end a partnership without damaging relationships.

Lawyers + Parties to Lawsuits

Leigh helps lawyers and parties settle disputes that can’t be litigated cost effectively, whether that cost is money, time, relationships, reputation, or any of the many other important things that can be lost in our court system. Leigh has experience settling cases before litigation or early in litigation, and she has the skills to work with highly emotional parties.

Conflict coaching for Individuals

Leigh offers individual conflict coaching sessions to help people who are dealing with an ongoing conflict in their work or personal lives. Learn how get to the root of the issue, new communication strategies, and how to become a more effective listener and communicator within your conflict and outside of it.

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