Conflict Resolution with Leigh Chandler, Esq.

Early Settlement of Litigated Cases

Mediation Services

For Lawyers + Parties to Lawsuits

Leigh has experience and success getting early settlements in cases that can’t be settled cost-effectively, whether that “cost” is money, time, stress, embarrassment, or any of the other things that can make a lawsuit too damaging for your client.  

Lawsuits are expensive, time consuming, and destructive

We all know that lawsuits are expensive and time consuming. Often, there isn’t enough money at stake, or available for recovery, to make litigation worthwhile. Lawsuits are often between parties with pre-existing personal or business relationships, which are destroyed, not repaired, by litigation. Even successful litigation has the potential to "cost" more than the business relationship it destroyed is worth. Even a simple lawsuit can be incredibly stressful for the parties. And the human cost goes beyond stress in many situations. Where the subject matter is highly emotional or embarrassing, discovery, depositions, and the public nature of lawsuit can be devastating.

Early settlement is good for parties and their attorneys

In cases that can't be litigated cost effectively, cases where drawn out litigation has the potential to destroy relationships or cause an unacceptable amount of stress to the parties, and cases where there is more than money at stake, an early settlement is in everyone’s best interest.

Transactions can go more smoothly with a mediator involved

Conflict isn’t limited to lawsuits. If negotiations between your client and another party are stalling, or if your clients are running into conflicts while setting up a new company or venture, a neutral third party can get things moving in the right direction.

Call Leigh when

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