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Question 3 before you work together: strengths and weaknesses

The third question on my list of things to talk about before going into business or starting a project together is: 

What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

(See post #1 in this series here:

Here, it is important to be really honest with yourself and with each other.  If you can get input from people who know you well or have worked with you before, it can be valuable. 

Hopefully, you’ll find that you have a balanced team, but you might discover that you have some serious weaknesses in common, or that someone’s strengths aren’t consistent with what they actually want to be doing.  In that case, make a plan for strengthening weak spots (or outsourcing them) so work can be distributed in a way that feels fair to all of you.

There might be some areas where you are all happy to let the strongest person lead, and others where you wouldn’t want one person to take over.  Talk about what kind of input you want the group to have on things that one person might be better at. 

And be open about the habits that drive you crazy, and the habits you have that are going to drive everyone else crazy.  We all have them.  Get them out in the open, talk about them, and see if there are ways to minimize them before you get into high pressure situations together.

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